Digital Solutions For Financial Institutions.

We are on a mission to become the leading provider of disruptive digital solutions that promotes enhanced user experience and power a seamless organisational transformation leveraging digital technology.

Our Products

At Logicshift, we offer a wide range of innovative digital service solutions to customers of financial institutions; such as

SMS and Email Banking Solution

Integrated email and SMS banking software that enables users to transfer and receive money using email and mobile phone numbers.

Digital Banking Solution

A traditional banking and all the paperwork to an innovative form of banking where operations and processes are digitalised. Customers also get access to chatbots and online support.

Mobile Banking Solution

By downloading the mobile banking app on a portable device like a smartphone, customers can access multiple financial services like making and receiving payments.

Internet Banking Solution

Allow customers to carry out numerous online transactions without visiting a physical or transitional bank. It's a fast, easy, and seamless way to carry out transactions on the go.

Agency Banking Solution

Financial institutions leverage agency banking to extend their network in a cost-effective way to communities and cities where their coverage cannot reach via the use of authorised third parties/agents.

Digital Field Application

DFA revolutions the operations of financial institutions and helps to digitise several processes such as account opening, customer onboarding, loan facilitation, and other transactions.

USSD Banking Solution

This routes transactions from telecommunication infrastructure into the Omni-channel to access banking services. Users only need to dial a custom shortcode to initiate banking transactions.

Bot Banking Solution

Transactions initiated through social media applications like WhatsApp flows into the omnichannel.

Our Story

Logishift is a forward-thinking technology company that offers digital solutions for financial institutions. Our omnichannel allows smooth integration of all their services on just one platform. Mobile apps, USSD services, DFA, internet banking, and the likes can be accessed from just a single portal.

Our vision remains to be known as the go-to organisation that improves end-user experience via innovative and affordable digital technology solutions.

Our solution is unique, customer-centric, and comes at very affordable rates. Logishift; innovative tech that works!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Logicshift?
An innovative company established to help financial institutions provide better user experience for their customers via digital channels while cutting costs.
2What is the use of the omnichannel?
With the omnichannel, banks and other financial institutions can manage their services from one platform. This eliminates the use of multiple channels for the different services you offer.
3Can I select the services I want, or is it compulsory to subscribe to all the services?
Yes, you can select all the services you want to subscribe to on our channel. All the services you subscribe to would appear on your dashboard.
4How secure is the platform?
All your transactions are secure on our platform because we have employed the best and latest security measures to protect your data and that of your customers.
5Can I add Value Added Services on the platform?
Yes. Our solution with the Bring Your Vendor (BYD) and Vendor as a Service (VaaS) options allows you to bring onboard your vendors or service providers.
6Do you provide business intelligence?
Our solution leverages data and an inbuilt algorithm to provide you with brilliant insights that can help you better manage your business.
7Do you provide training on how to use the Omni-platform?
Yes, we provide robust training on how to use our digital solution. For more inquiries, reach our customer care OR send an email to